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Garífuna Organizations and Festivals

in Labuga

Participation in organizations is quite popular in Livingston as many Garínagu strive for the betterment of their people and for the maintenance of their way of life.   The following festivals are not merely dates on a calendar but all-day celebrations that normally include a parade, intellectual round-table discussions, receptions for distinguished visitors and parties and or ceremonies all night. If there is an organization or important date missing, please let me know!


Asociación de Desarrollo del Garífuna de Livingston, Guatemala “LUBA AWANSERUNI”

Association for Garífuna Development in Livingston, Guatemala

Creation date: August 22, 2002



Asociación de Pescadores Tradicionales Garífunas

Association of Traditional Garífuna Fishermen

Creation date: August 13, 2003


Associación “ISERI IBAGARI”

Iseri Ibagari Association



Desarrollo de las Mujeres Afro-Guatemaltecas

Developement of Afro-Guatemalan Women



Fomento y Salvaguarda de la Cultura Garífuna

Promotion and Safeguarding of the Garífuna Culture

This association, located in Barrio Paris, plays an integral role in the dance performances and other public events by Garínagu in Labuga.  They pride themselves on promoting the development of the Garífuna people, through research, education, training and documentation of cultural expressions (such as food and dance). Click here for a 2-page PDF document of more information (in Spanish).



Organización Garífuna "Sánchez-Díaz" – IBIMENI

“Sanchez-Diaz” Garífuna Organization (IBIMENI)



Organización Negra Guatemalteca “ONEGUA”
Organization of Black Guatemalans

Creation date: June 2, 1999



Parlamento Garífuna

Parlamento Garífuna









Development of Afro-Guatemalan Women